Bladdernut - Staphylea trifolia

Bladdernut - Staphylea trifolia

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Features: This large shrub with white bell-shaped flowers in the spring. The seed is a 1-1.5 inch bladder-like capsule which gives its common name. Those stay on the branches up to a month after the leaves fall and they act like little rattles full of seeds when the wind blows.

A variety of native bees and other insects gather nectar and pollen from the flowers.

Light: sun to partial shade

Soil: medium to moist

Height: 8 to 12 ft.

Width: 6 to 10 ft.

Blooms: spring

Flower color: white

Fall color: yellow

Special note: loved by birds

See more information and photos at: Illinois Wildflowers and USDA Plant Database