Native Plants for the Bird Garden

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Goldfinches, Song Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, Cardinals, and Hummingbirds are a few of the birds that will visit as well as reside in a garden that has native plants.  

Almost all native plants feed all kinds of birds during their nesting and breedinHummingbird nectaring from Cardinal Flowerg season simply because they support insects, particularly caterpillars, which are the preferred food for baby birds. Hummingbirds will appreciate Wild Columbine and LOVE Cardinal Flower for nectar. The plants listed below will provide food in the spring and summer through caterpillars but also seeds in the fall and winter.  Some start producing seeds late in summer. Goldfinches nest later so that they can avail themselves of seeds. We've listed a couple of plants that also produce berries that birds will appreciate.

Get your garden ready now for fall and winter birds.  Then enjoy your visitors who will appreciate some good nutrition when it really counts. 

Photo of Hummingbird and Cardinal Flower: USFWS

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  • Don’t forget Amelmanchier, Aronia, Cephalanthus & Viburnum trees and shrubs for bird-loving berries and host plants!

    Freyja Kendrick on

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