Sharp-lobed Hepatica - Hepatica acutiloba

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Got to love natives that are so far from the mainstream garden trade that they don't even have a common name, just Latin!

Also known as Hepatica nobilis Schreb. var. acuta

Features: Its lovely little white flowers make it a spring ephemeral for blooming, but its leaves remain all year, even through winter, when they turn more brown, yielding its occasional nickname of "Liverleaf". Early nectar source for small native bees and flies. Deer resistant.

Light: Needs sun in the spring. Like Bloodroot, it does best under a deciduous tree, where it will receive nearly full sun in the spring and then be shaded during the summer.

Soil: Medium moisture, loamy soil (keep those leaves in your woodland gardens).

Height:  Up to 1 foot

Blooms: April

See more information and photos at Illinois Wildflowers and USDA Plants Database

Photos: 1. Illinois Wildflowers, 2. Wikimedia, Jason Hollinger

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