Monarch Butterfly Kit

  • $ 2800

NOTE 6/5: The Purple Love Grass in these kits is dormant now, thus the reduced price. It should come back ok but the rest of the plants are in fine shape.

This is a kit of 10 plants that give you an easy way to add beautiful Monarch butterfly attracting plants to your existing or new garden. You can supplement a kit with other plants as well. Half these plants are different from last year's kit. You could get another one or try the Sunny Save-A-Bee Kit for greater variety.

If you want us to donate $8 to an Oak Park or River Forest school (like a Shop & Share fundraiser), please put the school name in the 'Instructions to seller' box once you view your cart before checkout.

Kit contains:

--2 Rose (Swamp) Milkweed plants, which provide a food/host plant for Monarch caterpillars and nectar for the adults.

--2 plants each of Showy Goldenrod and Silky Aster provide the extremely important fall nectar/pollen sources migrating Monarchs (& others) need.

--1 Purple Coneflower provides mid-season nectar

--1 Prairie Coreopsis provides early to mid-season nectar

--2 Purple Love Grass provides a grass component for these prairie plants and a place for a caterpillar to make its chrysalis.

Kit costs $38. You save up to $10 over the cost of purchasing plants individually. This is $2 less than last year (some wholesale prices have gone down because you wonderful folks bought so many plants from us!)

Light: Full sun

Soil: Dry to medium/well-drained

Height: 2-4 feet

Blooms:  June-October

PLEASE NOTE: Pickup is June 2nd at Euclid Methodist Church parking lot, 405 S Euclid in Oak Park, 10am-2pm!

Plant ASAP in a spot that gets full sun (6+ hours) or at least 4 hours direct sun. Water them every day, or as needed depending on precipitation and other weather conditions for the first month. They might need temporary shade.
Transplants need care for the first growing season. Mulch and regular weeding are also required until plants fill in. Visit for more information on our Wildlife Corridor project.

See the individual plant pages for more information and photos.

Photo credit: 1. Monarch-Stephanie Walquist, West Cook Wild Ones; Others Midwest Groundcovers.