Blue-fruited Dogwood -- Cornus obliqua

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Also called Swamp or Pale Dogwood. May be called Silky Dogwood, of which it was formerly a sub-species.

Features: This shrub grows in multi-stem cluster and is a boon for wildlife. Native bees, moths, butterflies, beetles, and birds are drawn to its foliage and flowers. The high calorie purple berries are a tasty meal for creatures ranging from birds and squirrels to raccoons and even bears!

It is typically found in moist natural habitats and may require more water than most garden shrubs, so consider it for a rain garden or other moist spot.

Light: Sun to part shade

Soil: moist to medium

Height: 12 ft.

Width: 10 to 12 ft.

Blooms: late spring

Flower color: white

Fall color: red leaves

Special note: pollinator hot spot, bird and butterfly host

See more information and photos at: Illinois Wildflowers and USDA Plant Database


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