An inspiring message in this time of uncertainty

Dear Wild Ones Members, Friends, and Supporters,

Wherever you are and whatever challenges you are facing during this time, we want you to know how important you are to us and to all living beings on our planet. Facing the COVID-19 challenge together reminds us that the best response to a crisis is to take positive action as a community to protect not only our own welfare, but also the lives and health of all beings.

Though much has changed, one thing remains the same: nature’s power to heal us. We can still restore, rejuvenate, and de-stress in our natural areas and gardens--even if we have to do it at a 6-foot distance.  

It is in that spirit that we announce the opening of our annual native plant sale. Browsing through all of the life-giving possibilities available through our online ordering site is a restorative experience in and of itself. And you can order with confidence knowing that we are working hard with our partners at the Forest Preserve District of Cook County to arrange a safe pick-up process in the event that there are still restrictions in place in the coming months. You can also be assured that if pick-up cannot take place, all orders will be refunded. 

 Looking forward with gratitude for all you have done to welcome life back to our communities,

West Cook Wild Ones Board Members  

Monarch and honeybee on milkweed