Mayapple - Podophyllum peltatum

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Features: This delightful woodland native looks like a cross between a tiny palm tree and an umbrella. After a few years, one will produce a white flower that turns into its namesake fruit, which can be eaten when very ripe (otherwise it is toxic, as are the leaves and roots), but is usually cooked first or used to make jelly. See May Apple

Light: Sun in the spring, then part-shade-Shade (under a deciduous tree); the leaves go dormant by mid summer.

Soil: Moist-Medium, the type of steady moisture found in woodlands, with leaf matter.

Height: 1-2 feet

Blooms: One white flower in April-May, starting the first season the stem grows divides and grows two leaves

See more information and photos at Illinois Wildflowers and USDA Plants Database

Photo Credits: 1 Illinois Wildflowers, 2 Carolyn Cullen Wild Ones Member, 3 Midwest Groundcovers


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